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Here's are just a few comments from people like you that I've helped online...


Firstly, if you've only recently discovered ChatGPT and want to know how to use it, I've prepared a free ChatGPT Starter Kit for you here:


Or maybe you've already used it and want to combine the power of AI with Digital Marketing to create or grow your business online?

If so, you're in the right place.


I've helped thousands of people just like you, go from complete beginners with no tech skills or marketing experience through to creating their own 5-6 figure online business.


Some just want to earn an additional income online to cover the cost of their bills/mortgage, family vacations or save for the future. You can do this by spending as little as 30-60 minutes a day creating content on social media, YouTube videos, writing books or articles.


Whilst others need their own websites, sales funnels, online courses or mentoring programs and traffic to generate more leads, clients and sales.

Whatever it is you need help with I'm here for you and encourage you to interact with my content, leave comments and ask questions.

This will help me create content and provide you with clear actionable steps and resources that you can use to make things quicker and easier for you.


I'd also encourage you to subscribe to my YouTube channel so that you don't miss any of my future videos.

You can do that here: https://www.youtube.com/marklaxtonhq

So, now you know how I can help you, here's a intro to who I am...

After serving in H.M Armed Forces as a Sniper in the Coldstream Guards and leaving to do Close Personal Protection, I Served as a Firefighter for 23 years.



During this time I found myself in an increasing amount of debt and living off my overdraft! My wages just never seemed to cover the cost of living especially with inflation. (Isn't it strange how most jobs in which you risk your own life to protect or save others, never seem to pay very well?)


So, I decided to do something about it! I could whinge and moan about my situation as much as I wanted but that would never change anything!


I already worked 24 hour shifts as a Firefighter so I didn't want to find myself another job during my days off, such as gardening or window cleaning. I wanted something that'd generate a passive income and something scalable.


That way, I could generate an additional income online even while I'm busy working shifts at the fire station, while I'm travelling, spending time with family and even while I'm asleep! (Remember, people all over the World are buying products online day and night)


I made a promise to myself that I would do everything I possibly could to make this work and secure my future and that of my family.


So, I committed to learning everything I possibly could about making money and growing a business online. (And I continue to learn more 8+ years later)


To cut a long story short, I went from writing and publishing my own books and designing book covers for authors through to running my own SAAS (Software as a Service) Company launching products online and mentoring others through webinars and live calls.


I went from feeling frustrated, struggling to earn any money with affiliate marketing to earning over $1,000 days!


And from not knowing what SAAS even stood for, to managing my own developers and customer support team and launching my own products that generated over $128,000 within only 4 days!


I never imagined that I would go from a shy kid with no tech skills or business studies and a military background, through to providing live mentoring calls to hundreds of people based all over the World!

And if I can do it... you can do whatever you want to do too!




Mark Laxton has built a following of thousands of entrepreneurs, sold thousands of copies of his educational products, worked with online entrepreneurs across the globe to help them design products, sales funnels, email marketing campaigns, social media advertising campaigns, and more...


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